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I mean, can you feel it? That little flicker in your brain? Your skull.

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Your brain matter. Things inside are snapping and firing. You read the sentence again. Because I want to expose the irresponsibility displayed by these defense attorneys.

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The danger of these types of words. Allegedly, their relationship started while she was a sophomore and gradually escalated into alcohol and sex after her 18th birthday, but while she was still a student.

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His attorney, Michael DeRiso, plans to argue that his client admits to the sexual activity, but that since the girl turned 18 before they had sex, she was legal and therefore no real crime was committed. During a preliminary court session, he also argued that the state's institutional sexual assault law applies only to minors.

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Just to be glib. Try the veal! The law was written to protect high school students like this victim.

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Because the law knows about grooming. The kissing. The alcohol. And according to Judge David Cashman, possibly exploiting emotional distress she was experiencing at home.

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I find it hard to believe that any child predator would wait until the moment his victim turned 18 to start to seduce her. No, child predators often lay the groundwork long before the abuse occurs, years even.


His remarks are dangerous. A year-old cannot legally consent to sex with an adult, and certainly not a teacher.

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But Thomassey ignores that. Because if she was 16 she can then consent to sex with her teacher and it becomes legal? Thomassey is conveniently ignoring that pesky Pennsylvania law that says a student cannot consent to sex with their teacher.

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The danger? By an adult.

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To the media. The public. I started it. First, only a lawyer could utter such a convoluted sentence with a straight face.

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Nothing to see here. Just some sluts. Move along. In the criminal complaint, a Westmoreland County Detective said there were text messages indicating an intimate relationship.

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Another lawyer who went to the media to accuse a young victim of sexual assault of lying is Chuck Gallo who represented Michael White a former teacher at Perry Traditional Academy who was accused of molesting a year-old student and furnishing alcohol and having sex with a year-old student. This child is lying! Poor, poor Michael White!

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Except, when White was caught in a lie regarding his fresh body tattoos, he admitted his guilt and is now sitting in a jail cell for three to ten years. So who was the liar? Ringgold guidance counselor Lianne Danko is accused of having a sexual relationship with an year-old male student.

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During the preliminary hearingShrager hinted that the reason the student was testifying against the teacher was simply because he was being shielded from prosecution. He then asked the victim in court if he had pictures of undressed underaged girls on his cellphone.

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The prosecutor objected and the judge upheld it, preventing the the student from answering the question. We may have discovered some potential bias by the witness. Whatever may be on the student's phone may have absolutely nothing to do with the charges against the adult in this case. How embarrassing.

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Take a break and grab a drink. Lebanon music teacher Jason Greenawalt who was accused of sending explicit text messages to a male student starting in November of when the boy was a sophomore, and ending in June of He waited so long! It happened two years ago! Greenawalt admitted his guilt and was sentenced to three years of probation and a lifetime ban from classrooms.

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I get that defense attorneys must DEFEND, but there is no rule that they must use the media as their outlet to paint young alleged victims in a negative light. They seem to forget their job is to defend in the court of law, not further hurt victims or future victims by callously defending the accused in the court of public opinion just to see themselves on television furthering their smarmy brand.

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Defense Attorneys: It's Time to 'Keep Your Mouth Shut' PittGirl blasts what she sees as a dangerous trend by attorneys who seem to be wiling to say anything, no matter how atrocious, in defense of their clients. September 30, Virginia Montanez .

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This article appears in the September issue of PittGirl. : PittGirl. The National Negro Opera Co. Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh.

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Pittsburgh Pet of the Week: Freesia.

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